Comparing 2 sessions to see your progress

myGeonaute offers an exclusive session comparison function. You can superimpose 2 similar session in order to see if you’ve progressed since the last time, from 1 month ago, 1 year, 2 years, etc.


Comparison suggestion

For each of your sessions, myGeonaute suggests to you the closest sessions in terms of distance, average speed, location and energy used. This function corresponds to the dark grey area on your screen.

When you have hundreds of sessions, it lets you easily find sessions which are relevant to compare.

You can edit the resemblance criteria (distance covered, average speed, location and calories burned). You can also ask myGeonaute to suggest more sessions to you.

Then click on the session of your choice and the comparison page is displayed



Comparison page

On the comparison page, the session which you are on is represented in yellow. The session which you clicked on from among the sessions proposed is represented in blue.

For each kind of chart (speed, altitude, heart rate), you see the charts of the 2 sessions superimposed.

On the map it’s the yellow session’s route which is displayed. When going over the route or charts, 2 points are displayed on the route.

The yellow point represents your position on the route during the yellow session. The blue point represents your virtual position at the same time during the blue session. This lets you see the gap developing between your last performance (in yellow) and the oldest performance (in blue).

To see the projection on the route of the blue session, you can click on the “invert comparison” button.



Example of use

You can use this function by creating a reference session at a regular interval. You can name these sessions “August 2014 Reference”, January 2014 Reference”, etc. which will let you find them easily. You undertake them under similar conditions and a similar state of mind. This will allow you to see if you’ve progressed: a lower heart rate graph or higher speed for a similar effort.

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